Calypso Waterjet

Williams Fabrication Inc - Calypso WaterjetThe Hammerhead Waterjet cutting system allows us to cut a wide variety of materials with precision accuracy, giving the customer the ability to reproduce parts, cut holes with a +/- 0.003 tolerance. This system utilizes a Autoline abrasive cutting head with a 60,000 psi operating pressure of water and sand to cut materials up to 6 inches thick and sheets as large as 5′ X 10′. The system can handle materials ranging from glass, plexiglass, stainless, carbon steel, aluminum, and stone to material as soft as foam. The system can also custom cut a wide variety of gasket materials to specification. This precise cutting system allows the customer the freedom to design virtually any shape and have the product completed to a smooth finish.

Motion Accuracy Information
·  Linear positional accuracy over full travel of X & Y axis +/- 0.003
·  Over one foot of travel +/-0.0015
·  Repeatability +/-0.002
·  Straightness +/-0.003/ft.
·  Backlash +/-0.0005 max.